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Twinkle Clay

Twinkle Clay – Yellow and Purple 2-Pack with Bonus Wand

Turn soft and sparkly clay into special creations fit for a princess with the Twinkle Clay 2-Packs! Twinkle Clay’s wonderfully soft and sparkly texture makes it easy for little hands to mold. It perfectly stretches into any shape! Twinkle Clay even has a delightful light scent, perfect for a little princess! This 2-Pack includes yellow and purple Twinkle Clay and a bonus wand accessory! Use the Twinkle Clay 2-Pack on its own or with the Princess Studio (sold separately). Follow the instructions to create a magic wand, or make your own princess creation! Roll balls of Twinkle Clay and check their size using the helpful clay ball template and add gems to your creations for extra sparkle! You can even mix colors of Twinkle Clay together to create a pretty new color, or blend together for a marbled or gradient effect. Once you’re finished, leave your sparkly creation overnight to air-dry! When your creation is finished drying, it’s ready! Make and play with beautiful princess creations with the Twinkle Clay 2-Packs!


  • AIR-DRY CLAY: Twinkle Clay’s soft and sparkly texture makes it easy for little hands to mold! It stretches into any shape. Let your creation air-dry overnight, and it will be ready for endless princess play!
  • BONUS WAND: The yellow and purple Twinkle Clay -Pack includes a bonus wand accessory, so you can create a sparkly magic wand!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: With Twinkle Clay, you can make everything you need to be a princess! This Twinkle Clay 2-Pack includes yellow and purple Twinkle Clay, a bonus magic wand accessory and sparkly gems! Follow the instructions to design a magic wand, or make your own sparkling princess creation!
  • The Twinkle Clay 2-Packs make a great gift for creative and imaginative girls aged 4 and up. Can be used with the Twinkle Clay Princess Studio (sold separately).


  • 2 x 1.34 oz. (38 g) Twinkle Clay
  • 1 Magic Wand
  • 4 Gems
  • 1 Ball Size Template
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

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